Apps and Dashboard Reporting

Chirality Research will help your organization transition from spreadsheet data collection and reporting to a custom digitized solution with an app, databased information and dashboard reporting. Working with spreadsheets has several disadvantages such as vulnerability to costly human errors, delays in communication, inefficient databasing of historical records, manual calculations, inadequacy for remote working, no real-time updation of data and chances of data getting deleted or lost. We make it easy for mid-sized Oil & Gas companies to overcome these drawbacks.

With an app, data can be collected in real-time from the field, live reports can be viewed by operators as well as decision makers, and all the data remains in one-place secured on the server. A lot of analysis can then be done on the data enabling things like automation of maintenance schedules. Tremendous amount of time and money can be saved. We at Chirality Research, with our experience in Oil & Gas, will not only build the app but provide insight into your engineering processes. With over 124+ custom apps deployed, we welcome you to browse through some of our apps below…

Geothermal App


The web app can model a plant, including the reservoir, wellbore, surface plant and economic models.

Flow Assurance

Scaling and corrosion is also modeled.

Lifetime Analysis

Outputs are calculated for the entire lifetime of the plant which helps significantly in designing the plant.

csv Upload

A csv of inputs can also be uploaded so multiple scenarios can be simulated and results plotted for analysis.

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