We are an Oil & Gas Consultancy focused on optimizing your workflows through automation

At Chirality Research we provide professional engineering support and quick solutions to complex drilling and completion operations so that you can optimize production through the life of the well. Our Principal Consultant Dr. Huzefa Ismail has been using data science for drastically cutting operation and maintenance costs for mid-sized oil firms for over 13 years. It first starts with a pressing problem you need answered, we do the engineering to solve that problem. Next, we collect your data and automate the solution using a range of software including Python, PowerApps, Microsoft Azure and Tibco Spotfire.

We database your data and build you an app through which on-field operators can update data and managers can analyse it through dashboards in real time. You can then track the progress of ongoing operations, schedule maintenance for oil wells and predict costs and requirement of resources for new drilling operations. If you already have real-time data storage in place, Chirality Research has partnered with Canary Labs to track, process and visualize that data and apply machine learning algorithms for you to reach maximum operational efficiency.

Our Services

Engineering Support

We cover the full spectrum: drilling & completions, performance, workovers and well interventions, rig acceptance and commissioning, well testing, from cost estimates to real time execution support.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Collect and analyse your emission data with a custom app. Making federally regulated environmental reporting a breeze. View trends to enable decision making for carbon footprint reduction.

Literature Research

Stay updated with the latest emerging technologies. Gain insight on new open-source software used for calculating plant outputs. Remain informed of market trends.


Shift from spreadsheet reporting to an all-in-one app. Collect data efficiently from the field, store it in a database and analyse it through dashboards. Automate maintenance schedules and make more informed decisions.


Use our prebuilt models for well production estimation, methanol calculation, pigging scheduling, scaling, corrosion, and more. We can also build a custom model to simulate any engineering or chemical process.

Data Historian

We will help you set up and maintain a time series database built for industrial automation. Count on us to normalize your data across different facilities, create a tag nomeclature and perform calculations with custom views.

Featured Projects