Chirality Research Inc. is a data science company that develops technological solutions using in house resources through the lens of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in order to promote clean energy, sustainability and the energy transition.


We analyze your real-time data, and work alongside oilfield operators to identify Key Performance Indicators and develop solutions that optimize processes right at the start while minimizing operational costs.

Our Mission

Chirality Research has always thrived to achieve goals using cost effective Data solutions.

At chirality our experts aim to design and develop applications and workflows in such a way that the entire process can be made simple and automated.

Our Vision

Chirality Research Inc aims to come up with a business model that would help its client organization to implement work process that would compliant with ESG policies.

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Our History

Equipped by a firm grip on science and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr Ismail launched Chirality’s journey by deploying his expertise in physical chemistry to manage production chemicals. He quickly spotted loopholes in the way the industry worked and plugged these holes with innovative solutions. Engineers and insightful scientific minds were brought on board to use automated models for giving a heads up on possible glitches in pipelines. Combining knowledge on gathering data and the tech to analyse it triggered growth and success for the company that is geared up to boost your business with services including:

  • Optimising your capabilities to make the best from drilling ops
  • Keeping an eye on field operations in real time
  • Engineering for stronger facilities
  • Putting in place a plan with efficient use of reserves

Our Belief

The scientific instinct brings a natural curiosity which powers our trial and error method, which helps us figure out if an idea can work or not within a few hours without waiting till most of the work is done. Goes without saying that this approach says time and since time is money, we help you save a lot on costs as well.

Our principles:

  • Try, fail, improvise till you succeed
  • Don’t wait to try new ideas, keep learning
  • Act quickly, cut costs

Our Secret Ingredient

“Scientists don’t need years of data history to find correlations. Newton certainly did not.”

The conventional approach of gathering info for years before analysing it is just as outdated as the data can get in a rapidly changing world.

We bring in a dynamic approach with curious minds that keep gathering and processing information continuously till we get the right outcome, which we do all the time.