Database Administrator

The database Administrators responsibility is the performance, integrity, and security of a database. Involvement in the planning and development of the database, as well as troubleshooting any issues on behalf of the users. Must ensure that data remains consistent across the database, that the data is clearly defined, users can access data concurrently, in a form that suits their needs, and that there is provision for data security and recovery control (ensuring all data is retrievable in an emergency).


Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and test applications to improve business processes and workflows.
  • Perform data analysis on organizational data such as financial and production.
  • Develop data models to extract, process, and transform organizational information.
  • Perform data warehouse testing to ensure the quality of data units &data integration effort.
  • Validation checks to ensure the accuracy/quality of oil & gas production and budget data.
  • Develop procedures to extract data from the Hyperion database, pro-count database, and other SQL data sources.
  • Design and develop the architecture of the databases to dump the data from various applications and source systems.
  • Gather business requirements and modify them to resolve business issues.
  • Create an Extract, Transform, Load process, and other documentation.
  • Work in consultation with the Operations team to develop apps for business issues.
  • Coordinate with IT Team at the client-side to set up the database at the backend of the Application, create views and interlink the app data to other software platforms.
  • Coordinate with IT and Operations teams on project status, change management, and technical issues.
  • Analyze data generated from the app to create data visualizations for reporting purposes.
  • Maintains SQL environment with instances of SQL Server versions 2008 – 2017.
  • Learns and maintains existing SQL Data operations and creates new operations as needed.
  • Designs, codes, debugs, and installs programming logic for existing and new applications.
  • Assists users by answering functionality questions and follows up on any SQL-related problems.


  • Master’s degree in information systems, computer science, computer systems engineering, database administration, mathematics, or related field
  • 1 – 2 years’ Data Analysis experience
  • Proficient in MS SQL Server
  • Experience with data analysis/statistical tools such as Python or R
  • Experience with data visualization using Tableau, PowerBi, or similar tools
  • Must be Willing to Work in the Office

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